Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year!

We made it safe and sound back to Virginia Beach after spending time with the family in St. Louis. Elyse did great on both of the plane rides back. She started screaming as we got off the second plane and all the way through the airport, but by that point, we were happy that she didn't disturb the entire plane.

We spent New Year's Eve at the house of a Colonel Dennis works with. I guess it was supposed to be a party but it ended up just being us and them. They are very nice so it was fine. Elyse started fussing around 10:30 so we went home, stopped at 7-11 to pick up some ice cream and rung in 2008 on the couch. Not the typical party time but great with us!

Here's a picture of Lisa and I after the "Hair of the Dog" 5K that we ran on New Year's Day. My time was three minutes slower than last year but, hey, I'm a lactating woman as Lisa pointed out!

The last exciting news is that Dennis and I started our P90X workout this week. We took our before pictures (that's definitely not one that's going to make it on the blog!) But the great thing is that Dennis and I get to spend some time together working out everyday and I really like that. :)