Saturday, May 17, 2008

Take a Picture

I want to be able to take good pictures, especially with Elyse here. I see some pictures in magazines and they are just beautiful. I read a book recently at the book store (I'm to cheap to actually buy it) about photographing babies. It suggested using as much natural light as possible. One idea is to have the baby sitting by an open door so I thought I would give it a try. I was about to give her a bath so I thought I'd take the opportunity to do some naked shots! What do you think? I really want to take a digital photography class. I'll have to look into that.

I also FINALLY added some pictures to Elyse's picture page. I'll add the rest of today's photo session later.

Does anyone read this? If so, please leave a comment! :)


Brandi Koziatek said...

Hey there Andrea, I have been keeping up with the Katolins on the blog! I love it and all the pictures! Keep the blogs coming. Have a great weekend. Love ya!

Angela said...

I LOVE reading it!! Elyse is so beautiful that a three year old could take her picture and it would look great. Keep blogging!

Cindy Lammon said...

cunxhYou know I'm reading. Check out this blog:
and go to the April 29th post for some great tips on photography! Love, MOM

Beth Salvatierra said...

Hi Andrea!! I have been keepig up with the blog and the pictures. I love seeing all the pictures of Elyse and her mommy and daddy!! :)