Sunday, May 11, 2008

Trip to Jacksonville

We decided to get out of town this weekend and visit some friends down around Camp Lejeune. This was Elyse's first long car trip and I was nervous but she did great!We left right after a nap and I hung out with her in the back seat. After stopping for some lunch, she snoozed most of the rest of the trip. On the way down, I discovered some teeth popping through! She is a little behind average and I was starting to get early but my mom said she never heard of anyone living their whole life without growing any teeth.

We stayed with our good friends the McCoys. Cameron and Dennis were roomies in Quantico and then we all ended up down the street from each other in 29 Palms. It's a small Marine Corps! Anyway, we had a great time with them. Here's a picture with them (I have no idea why it's so fuzzy).

We also met our friends the Felders for lunch and had lots of laughs. With everyone we saw, it is great that we can meet up after not seeing each other for years, it seemed like we had just hung out yesterday.

An ulterior motive for heading down to NC was to check out the base. In our continuing discussion of "staying in or getting out" we recently decided we want to stay in the Marine Corps until Dennis retires!! As crazy as that is, it feels good to have a decision (for now at least). Maybe in a future blog I'll review our reasons for staying in.

And, on this my first official mother's day as a mother, I want to thank my mom. I hope to be as good of a mom to Elyse as you have been to me. I also want to thank Elyse and Dennis for making me a mom. (Sometimes I can't believe it is true!) It's the job I was meant to do.

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