Monday, June 9, 2008

14 Superfoods a Day Keeps the Dr. Away!

When my friend Amber Dennis and I were working in 29 Palms, we had some times when we were REALLY BORED! Luckily, we found some interesting books to read, and one of them was SuperFoods RX by Steven Pratt and Kathy Matthews.

Anyway, I was reminded of it recently and I'm trying to incorporate each of the foods into my diet. Here's how it's working out so far:
Beans: Well, we're starting off with the worst one. I don't like beans. I like hummus so maybe I'll try and have hummus on occasion.
Blueberries: I have dried blueberries or cranberries (they count too) in my oatmeal every morning
Broccoli: I don't really do so well with this one either. Any suggestions other than just bites of broccoli?
Oats: This one is easy. I have oatmeal for breakfast every day! Brown rice and whole wheat fit into this category too and they are pretty easy to include.
Oranges: I really was not having any oranges but I just bought some orange juice to start having with my breakfast
Pumpkin: I thought this one would be hard to do but since I've started making Elyse's food, I've been putting an "ice cube" of butternut squash or sweet potatoes in my oatmeal. It sounds weird but I don't taste it at all!
Wild Salmon: I don't like seafood at all so I take this one in pill pill of fish oil a day
Soy: I've started putting soy milk into my coffee and oatmeal. Also, edamame is one of my favorite afternoon snacks
Spinach: I have a spinach salad for lunch almost every day
Tea: I have decaf coffee every morning (and this sort of counts) but I also drink a lot of the Arizona brand green tea throughout the day
Tomatoes: We eat a lot of dinners with tomato sauce, and as insurance, I chug a glass of V8 every morning
Turkey: Chicken fits into this category too and I have grilled chicken on my salad most days
Walnuts: Walnuts are added to the oatmeal every morning

Added later:I just realized I can't count and forgot the 14th Superfood...yogurt! This is an easy one, I just have a yogurt a day.

So, I guess we're not doing too bad. Anyone have any other ways of adding Superfoods to your day!?


Amanda said...

Sometimes we add broccoli or spinach to pasta dishes (shells and cheese, for example). I also like broccoli in quiche. I did something similar for several months in the US. Red wine and garlic were both on my "superfoods" list.

KatolinFamily said...

I like the idea of adding it to pasta. I think we will do that one. And I love quiche too. I forget about that one sometimes. My mom has a glass of red wine every night...I think I might incorporate that one too!

Heidi said...

I steam broccoli (and sometimes cauliflower), puree, and add to spaghetti sauce. Two of my boys really like this and it is an easy way to get the broccoli in painlessly. For boy #3, I just steam the broccoli and sprinkle grated cheddar cheese over it. He'll eat a huge plate full!

Thanks for the list. I'm thinking I need to add a few things to my diet...