Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Elyse is 8 Months Old!

I still feel like the newest mom on the block so it is hard to believe that Elyse is eight months old today! Here are some of the things that have happened in her eighth month:
-She finally got some teeth! I felt them popping out as we were driving down to Jacksonville. Her two little teeth are darn cute! I think you can see them in the picture.
-She has learned to clap and more importantly, understands that "clap" means bang your hands together. She also can jump on command (or at least when she feels like it).
-Elyse is very close to crawling! (As I cringe and think of all the trouble she will soon be in). She gets up on her knees and rocks and has also come up with a pull-in-the knees, dive forward onto her belly and repeat. She actually can move along quite well with this strategy.
-She has started eating puffs, pears, sweet potatoes and lots of other fruits and vegetables. And, today she had meat for the first time...turkey and rice. (Does anyone else think it is weird to feed meat to babies?)
-Books are now a treat, especially "Pat the Bunny." She knows what to do on each page and can even "sniff" the flowers when I remind her what to do (so cute!) She loves that book so much she SCREAMS every time I try and put it away.

Happy "birthday" sweet girl! We love you very much!!

P.S. I learned the hard way today that water bottles are not good toys for babies. As I was driving along, Elyse some how managed to bite off a small piece of the label. She coughed and I think she eventually swallowed it (I stopped in a parking lot when I heard the coughs) but it was a bit of a scare. As much as she loves them, no more watter bottles for you, Elyse!


Angela said...

Wow! Time is flying. The picture is gorgeous. You are doing such a great job with her. I love the blog updates - keep 'em coming! And thanks for the water bottle warning.

Brandi said...

8 months! It's amazing how quickly the time goes by! She gets cuter and cuter everyday. love you guys.