Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Elyse's Christening

Dennis and I have found a church we both love. (For those of you who don't know, Dennis is Muslim, so that is a tough thing to do.) We go to Christ Unity Oceanside, a Unity Church. I was introduced to Unity by my parents and like the denomination because of their open minds and positive attitudes.

We decided to have Elyse christened, to welcome her into the family of God and to have an outward sign of our gratitude to God for blessing us with her.

Here's what was said. I love it.

Elyse is an angel that comes from the heart of God to bless us.

As we open out hearts to her today it’s a reminder that all children come from God, pure and holy.

She comes whole and complete. Her soul comes with wonderful lessons to learn and wonderful gifts to give.

As we open our hearts to you, Elyse, your mom, Andrea and your dad, Dennis and your family here at Christ Unity Oceanside make a commitment to create a world that works for you.

You deserve an opportunity to come and give the fullness of your gifts.

You deserve to grow up in a world that is safe and peaceful, where you can find that creative divine spark within you and bring it into full realization.

It is our intention as we christen you, Elyse, that we make that commitment to honor our part of the deal so that you can live in world of peace, a world of beauty.

And so it is!

Don’t be confused by her body. Don't be confused by her size.

She has just come from the Father and she is very ancient and very wise.

And she comes knowing her purpose and our job is to create an opening for that to mature and grow.

Elyse, may your life be one of great beauty and great joy.

It is a great privilege to christen you, Elyse Katolin.

Elyse, you are a carrier of the God's Light, a beloved child of God.

We promise to cherish you and allow you to grow and be all that you can be.

Elyse also came to remind us that in the eyes of God we look just that beautiful and that beloved and worthy of all the good that is, so Elyse really came to christen us today.

Elyse, we are so delighted to share your journey.

Welcome Precious One.

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Anonymous said...

Andrea, Dennis and Elyse--
I am also glad that you found a church....the blessing for Elyse is awesome and wonderful words to remember and live by......She is a cutie!
Linda and Lev