Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Father's Day Part 1

No, my dad's face is not covered in's Hershey's chocolate sauce. You see, I was quite a baby as a kid...any little thing would make me cry. On this particular evening, I managed to get a little chocolate sauce of my face while eating my ice cream and apparently I broke down in tears. (Today I don't think anything would keep me from my ice cream). But, to show me that it really was not a big deal, my wonderful dad poured chocolate sauce all over his face. He taught me then and in many other situations not to take life too seriously. And, although I still sometimes forget this and take myself a little to seriously, this has been a great lesson I have carried with me throughout my life.

So thank you dad for this and many other things, including but not limited to, running into walls, laughs at the dinner table, reading "Fox in Sox" as fast as you could, driving lessons, failed trips to Six Flags (and lessons about Elvis's death), financial planning, our shared love of maps and toffee, and letting Elyse know how beautiful she is! I love you!

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