Friday, June 6, 2008

Holy Crap!

Breaking news...Baby potty trained at 8 months! Well, not really, but we have gotten Elyse to poo on the potty three times!! What an amazing child. Really, I've just been able to catch her signals and get her on the potty in time. But, these pictures were just too wonderful not to share! Dennis got a shot of the "results" too but I figured no one would want to see that.

This whole incident reminded me of a story I heard once on the Today show about "Elimination Communication", basically a method of recognizing your baby's cues and getting her on the potty in time for her to do her stuff. I thought it was interesting and looked into it and apparently there is a whole group dedicated to this idea called DiaperFreeBaby. It's an official Non-profit group. I guess we all change the world in our own little way. They even have support groups and volunteer opportunities...huh....check out Here's more about it at the Baby Center Website.

In all seriousness though, we are able to set Elyse on the regular toilet because of these great seats the people before us left in the house. They have a little toilet seat that fits within the big toilet seat that we can just put down. You can buy them at Amazon and don't ever have to worry about that nasty potty chair.


Angela said...

Um, I can't even get my kid to stand on her legs and yours is pooping on the potty!!! I see a scholarship in her future...

KatolinFamily said...

Don't be overly impressed...I've just been able to "catch" her when she is about to do her stuff. But it has made diaper changing much easier! :)