Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lifetime To-Do List

I love lists. So, it was fun to get my Real Simple Magazine this month and see that the question of the month is "What are the top-three things on your lifetime to-do list?" I loved reading the answers. They ranged from learn how to play the piano to have a tailor-made pair of jeans to find a cure for cancer. It made me think...what are my top three? These may not be the be all end all but this is what I came up with:
1. Take a cooking class in Italy. (Steph, I think you already got to do that one!)
2. Earn my Ph.D. (in what? I have no idea for now!)
3. Run a full marathon.

I asked Dennis his top three and the only thing he could come up for right now is to make a movie (he's in the middle of that now!)

What would be on your list?


Angela said...

visit Yellowstone National Park, ride a train, get up on water skees

Cindy said...

I'm picking - go on the trip to Italy and take a cooking class with YOU! ...MOM