Monday, June 23, 2008


I went into our local quilt shop "What's your Stitch N' Stuff" to buy fabric to make pillows for our bed. They had this great method where you end up with no seam. Well, I figured I could follow the directions but ended up with something the did not look at all like what I was supposed to have. I brought my mistake back in and the nice ladies were so happy to show me what I needed to do (I went in saying "I must be stupid" and they reminded me over and over again that I am not nice!) Thanks to their help I was able to make the pillows so I thought I would share the method along with some pictures to help.

Fabric Needed:
Main Print: 3/4 Yard
Band: 1/8 Yard accent
Cuff: 1/3 Yard

Cut cuff fabric 9'' by the width of the fabric (I do not know what this means...the ladies at the fabric shop did this for me.) Cut band fabric 1 3/4'' by width of fabric and press in half lengthwise, wrong halves together (this is the step I missed the first time!) Cut body fabric 27'' by width of fabric.

Lay cuff fabric RIGHT SIDE UP on table. Lay pressed band fabric on top of cuff, keeping raw edges even at the top long edge. Lay body fabric RIGHT SIDE DOWN on top of the band and cuff, lining the raw at the top long edge. Lay body fabric RIGHT SIDE DOWN on top of the band and cuff, lining the raw edge with the other raw edges. Pin in place (in 4-6 spots) across the long edge. Because the width of the fabrics are slightly different just line up one end evenly and leave the toher end as is. It will work, don't worry about it!
The picture is before I added on the body fabric, right side down.

Now, roll the body fabric up to the pins. Take the bottom edge of the cuff and roll it over the previous fabrics. Remove the pins from the last step and re-pin (in 10 or more spots) along this long edge. All your raw edges should be even and you will be pinning 5 layers. See the picture below. The green fabric is the one I pulled up to make the tube.

Sew along this long pinned edge using a 1/4'' seam. Unpin and pull the body fabric out of this long tube you have created. WOW! All these seams are hidden inside. Press well. Now trim your pillowcase to 40'' wide.

To create a french seam, fold the pillowcase in half RIGHT SIDES OUT. Starting at the cuff and using a scant 1/4'' seam (I learned this means a little less than 1/4'') sew down the long edge, pivot and sew across the bottom of the case. Turn the case (right sides in) and press the case. Using 3/8'' seam and starting at the cuff sew along the long edge, pivot, sew across the bottom of the case. This will encase the previous seam. Turn and press. All of your seams are now finished perfectly and you are done.

Here's the picture of the pillows on the bed. They look great with the quilt my mom made us for our wedding.

Thanks to the ladies at What's your Stich N' Stuff for the help!

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Cindy said...

Yeah! Andrea - great job explaining the pillow technique!