Thursday, June 26, 2008

Use the Flash OUTSIDE!

Elyse and I went to visit Dennis at work for lunch today. Luckily, I had the little camera in my bag and was able to capture this Kodak moment! I took a few pictures, and remembered a tip I had read use the flash outside on a sunny day! It seems counter-intuitive.

You can see in this first picture that there are a lot of shadows on both their faces.

In the next picture, I forced the flash on and it fills in the shadows on their faces. Doesn't that look better?!

I haven't figured how to do it or even if I can force on the flash on my new camera. The other lesson I learned today is to always have the camera with me! It doesn't have to be the fancy one, the little point and shoot I have fits in the bag so it is there whenever something cute like that comes up!

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