Wednesday, July 16, 2008

100 Things About Me, Part 1

1. I make cookies just to eat the dough.
2. I am left handed.
3. When I was a little girl, I decided I would only marry someone who would move me up in the world, not in status but in the alphabet. (I hated when Suzie Bahr always got to go first!). Luckily Dennis moved me from a "L" to a "K"!
4. I took piano lessons for many years but didn't practice like I should have.
5. My pinkies are crooked (maybe from the piano lessons).
6. I still get excited every time I heard Dennis' car pull into the driveway from work.
7. Sometimes I put things on my "to do" list that I already did just so I can cross it off.
8. On vacation, I like to get up early and fill my day (much to my honey's dismay!).
9. I hate the grocery store ads we seem to get in the mail everyday!
10. Thunderstorms scare me.
11. A little mess does not bother me.
12. I love markers, especially Sharpies of different colors.
13. I make the bed every morning, except on vacation (or when my hubbie does it...thanks baby!).
14. I love Bare Essentials makeup.
15. I do not believe in tanning, especially in tanning beds.
16. I love fancy lettering.
17. I am still surprised every time I finish a run.
18. Peanut butter never lasts very long in my house (and doesn't usually get purchased because I cannot be trusted!)
19. I hate horror movies (sorry Dennis).
20. I can't name movie stars to save my life.
21. TiVo is fabulous!
22. I love cuddling up in one of Dennis' huge sweatshirts.
23. I eat my veggies.
24. I could walk aimlessly around Target for hours.
25. My friends and family are very important to me.
26. I love sleeping in on the weekend (and since Dennis does too, we have a system...he sleeps in on Saturday and I get to snooze on Sunday!)
27. My mother in law calls me "noodle girl" because I really love pasta.
28. Toenails should always be painted red.
29. I can't wait to learn to take really great pictures.
30. My love language is "Acts of Service."
31. I do not like socks...they always get holes and I hate matching them up when I am folding laundry.
32. Love Actually is my favorite movie.
33. I really like my handwriting (especially for a lefty!)
34. I heard it from everyone, but I never really knew I could love a baby this much.
35. In my opinion, almost every man looks sexy in his dress blues.
36. I check our checking account balance at least once a day.
37. Ketchup totally grosses me out.
38. I can write backwards and in mirror image.
39. Red and green together bothers me when it isn't Christmas.
40. I really thought I wanted to be a second grade teacher but God had a better idea for me.
41. I'm trying incorporate meditation into my daily life.
42. I eat oatmeal for breakfast every morning.
43. I have very poor control of my facial muscles...I cannot voluntarily frown, wink or do any of the other crazy faces that Dennis can.
44. Made up songs crack me up.
45. It drives me crazy when people do not capitalize "I", especially when it is my students.
46. I think politics are really important but I hate "talking politics."
47. I love watching shows where people lose a ton of weight.
48. I am really good at giving the "chillies."
49. Details drive me crazy.
50. I like projects, especially ones I can finish in one day.

I'll have 51-100 on a different day...this was hard enough.


Angela said...

I learned a lot about you! What are the chillies? And I think you already take great pictures.

Amanda said...

I second Love Actually as a top movie!!

Rachel said...

Oh me too on so many of these, Andrea. I was super excited to marry someone with an easier name to spell. I always eat the cookie dough, but rarely the cookies.

KatolinFamily said...

The chillies are the "x marks the spot" thing that you do on someone's back to make them get goosebumps!

Bridget said...

I do #7, too! :) It just feels like I've accomplished more!!!