Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Clear Out Those Catalogs!

Rachel at Little Notebook recently reminded me of a great website called Catalog Choice.

Is your mailbox full of catalogs you don't want? Mine is. Usually, I glance at the pages and toss the catalog right into the recycling bin. Not only does it waste paper, it often makes me want things I don't need! I see all kinds of beautiful things on the pages and think I NEED THAT (but really I don't). And, if I want to see what new products a store has, I can always look online.

So that's where Catalog Choice comes in. You create an account and then go through and decline the specific catalogs you receive and no longer want. Once you click the title, they do the rest of the work! How cool is that?! Right now we receive a catalog with guns and all kinds of police stuff from the people who used to live in our house. I can't wait to cancel that one!!

Another way to clear your mailbox is to opt out of credit card company offers. You can do this by calling: 1-888-5OPTOUT. I haven't done this yet but I'm going to give it a try.

Now, can we just figure out how to get rid of the coupons and circulars that seem to fill our mailbox everyday. You know the ones that the poor mailman has to stick in everyone's box! I feel sorry for the guy...

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