Friday, July 4, 2008

Elyse is 9 months old!!

Elyse is 9 months old today, and more or less, has now been out in the world as long as she spent time growing inside me. This has been a big month for Elyse. Among other things, she became mobile!

Here is a list of new things for Elyse in her ninth month:
-Of course, Elyse started crawling. At first it was a little slow but now she can MOVE! Most of the time she crawls with her right leg out straight. I'm not sure why but it's awful cute!
-Along with the crawling, Elyse quickly figured out how to climb up the landing by our front door. She was even able to crawl all the way up to the top of our stairs, with me right next to her of course!
-She can pull herself to standing.
-She is eating yogurt, lots of fruits and vegetables, homemade rice porridge and...tofu!!
-She can say many different "words" and exclaims "da da" when Dennis walks in the door. (Not sure if it is what she means but it is good timing!)
-Elyse can speak a little bit of a second language, that being sign language. She doesn't do it the "textbook" way but she signs more when she wants more cheerios or food. We're working on some other signs.
-Just in the past week, we have developed some issue with separation anxiety. When I leave her at the gym she FREAKS! At least I know she likes me!

She is easy to smile and laugh, loves being out and about and seeing other people and really loves the fact that she can move.

We love you sweet girl!


Brandi said...

Happy 9 months Elyse! She is growing up so quickly and so adorable!

Dana said...

What a great picture! She looks like she is a very happy baby.