Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Go slow to go fast...

Rachel over at Small Notebook has declared August to be a month of preparation. And, the planner that I am, I am totally in and ready to start spending time in August to make life easier in September and beyond.

I'll write about some of my plans for the next few weeks.

The first is to make life on the computer a little easier...

Since my job is online (I teach classes for an online university), I spend A LOT of time on the computer, and my first goal is to streamline my life on the computer. Here are some things I need to work on:
  • I teach the same class every eight weeks, and the same issues come up every time! My goal is to address issues (misunderstanding with assignments, reminders, etc.) from the get go so they do not even become issues. (Proactive!) I am going to write out e-mail reminders for various things and have them organized by week. Then, I will just have to copy and paste. I'd also like to set up some checklists to have available. This way, I can mark things off when students complete different aspects of assignments. I will make grading much easier!
  • The second computer issue has been a thorn in both Dennis and my sides for awhile! Our internet connection is SO FREAKIN' SLOW!! It worked great for awhile, but lately it has been rediculous. That's why you haven't seen any new pictures of our pumpkin on her Shutterfly website. It takes forever to upload pictures. I get it going and before even a fraction are done, the connection times out (and I've even set it up to stay on later). So, last night, I did my research and I think that switching from phone internet to cable internet is going to be the solution. I think we might even splurge for the premium package. It will make life a lot easier. Does anyone know about the difference between the two? Will cable internet really be faster as promised?
  • The last thing I need to do is come up with an organization system for my pictures. Right now they are a mess. I know I can give them labels, ratings, etc. and I think that will help. Another thing that will help is to delete the bad ones before I even download them from my camera.
There's my plans for computer simplification. More PLANNING to come!


Alissa said...

Cable internet is so much faster. At least in our case once we switched to a cable connection I couldn't believe the difference. You can get so much done!

Rachel said...

Wow, I am so impressed with your plans! Good choices to focus on making your online job easier, because that removes so much stress and then everything else is easier too.

KatolinFamily said...

Alissa, thanks for the info. That's good to hear that the promises they make on their sites are actually true! Now I can't wait to get the cable guy to our house to set it up!!