Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas!

I found this blog, it's a really great idea and I'm excited to participate. Basically, it is like a big "secret Santa." This is the explanation from the website:
Here is how it works.
  • Pink Christmas is a $15.00 donation. All proceeds will go to our Pink Christmas Family. (over the next few months you will have a chance to get to know them better)
  • To sign up you must leave a comment on this post and then send an email to {this is how I will double check to make sure I don't miss anyone}
  • By September 1st you will receive in the mail a pink envelope with the name of your Pink Christmas Girlfriend. (shhh remember this is a secret) You will also receive a lot of goodies from all of our Pink Christmas Sponsors. (they are the only way that this is even possible)
  • Copy the below questions in your email along with your answers. This questionnaire will be sent only to your Pink Christmas girlfriend for her to start working on your gift.
  • The deadline for the completion of the project is December 1st.
  • Please plan on sending your completed gift to your girlfriend by December 5th
  • I then encourage you to send your gift wrapped gift by December 5th, (with delivery confirmation) so it will have plenty of time to arrive to its new home. Then no peeking until Christmas morning.

  • The rules of the gift giving… well there really are no rules to making the gift. But I encourage you to use your creative juices, have part or all of your gift made by hand and share a piece of you. Keep in mind there is someone out there thinking of you during this time and creating something just for you. Only give something that you too would want to receive. And Yes you can have someone make the gift for you. (many of our Pink Christmas Sponsors would love to help you with that)

Do I know what I'm going to make? No, but I'm excited to give it a shot. If you want to sign up go to:

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