Monday, July 28, 2008


My 10 year HS class reunion was last Friday. It was a lot of fun (minus the interruption from Elyse...she WOULD NOT go to bed for my parents. Well, she wouldn't go to bed until I was literally pulling into the driveway, but that is a different story...)

Anyway, we hung out at El Tio Pepe, talked, drank and ate at the reunion. The same groups kind of formed with a little more mingling. Everyone pretty much looked the same. At least we thought we looked the same until we looked back at the yearbooks and saw what we really looked like back then (what were we thinking!)

Here is a picture of some of my HS friends with our kiddos the next day. Notice a green shoulder on the friend Christina and her son Ethan are there but somehow the photographer didn't get them. :(

Then, on Sunday, Elyse and I drove to Columbia to visit with some of my roomates, Robyn, Ali and her baby Anderson, Jessica and her baby Ella. We had a lot of fun. Spending the day with three babies is quite different than what we did in college (although I guess we really sat around and hung out in college too, but in college it was our choice.

Here are some pictures of that trip:

Ella, Anderson and Elyse playing together.

Ella preparing us for tantrums (sorry Jess, I just thought this was funny!)

And everyone together...Robyn, me, Elyse, Ali, Anderson, Jessica and Ella.

It was great to see all of you!!!

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