Wednesday, July 23, 2008

When life hands you lemons...

...make LEMON BASIL COOKIES! I'm not kidding. These sound uber-weird but they are really good. My mom has a "botanical quilting appliqué club" (if you want to join let me know) and she wanted a treat to bring. Since I love to bake, I volunteered to make the treat. "What should I make?" I said. She responded that one lady had once brought rosemary cookies. Rosemary cookies? Yuck. But they were good she said. "Maybe we could make cookies with the basil that's growing outside." Really?! Basil cookies?! Oh, how I love the internet. After a mere seconds on Google, I found the recipe. Lemon Basil Cookies. I made them and they were actually very YUMMY!! We left out the coconut because my mom despises it but give them a try. I would add more walnuts.  

I think you will be surprised too. Oh, and the recipe says to use teaspoons to scoop them on the cookie sheet but I thought that was too small so we used tablespoons.


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