Sunday, August 31, 2008

13.1 Miles

Well, I survived! I completed the Rock N' Roll Marathon today and it feels great. My goal was to finish in under 2 and a half hours and I finished at about 2 hours 25 minutes so I'm thrilled with that. I also tried not to walk but at some of the water and "goo" stops and I did that too.

It was fun! The weather was perfect, there were great people cheering along the way. Here are some shots:

Elyse and I before the run (at 5:30 AM!)

Me after the run.

The Forerunner (it tracks how far, fast, etc, with GPS). See how it says 13.28 miles?! I started it at the start line and stopped it at the finish line. I'm not sure who did that measuring of the course, but at that point, an extra .18 miles really counted!!

At mile three I was ready to sign up for the next one. At mile 11 I wasn't so sure. Give me a few days to forget....


Cindy said...

Great job, Andrea! Has Elyse grown since Friday??

Dana said...

Congrats, I'm so proud of you. I know I could never run that much so I'll live vicariously through you. What an accomplishment!

Brandi said...

Congrats Andrea! How awesome!!! Love you guys lots.