Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Elyse is 10 months old!!

So I'm a day late on this one, but Elyse is no 10 months old. In the past month she:
  • Has perfected crawling and can pull herself up (and get back down...sounds easy but it wasn't!) and can cruise all over the place.
  • Can climb stairs...we're going to the Home Depot tomorrow to get gates!
  • Can sign several things: more, water, puffs (our word for cheerios), book, and milk
  • Has become very "teachable". We've taught her how to say things like "ha, ha, ha" and "ta da!" She does "so big" and can blow kisses!
  • Has come to love stuffed animals, especially little teddy bears. When she finds one she gives it hugs and kisses!


Angela said...

She's pure genious. It was great seeing you guys. Thanks for keeping up your blog!

KatolinFamily said...

It was great seeing you guys too!! Thanks for reading my blog!