Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Photography Class

I'm so excited! Along with my new camera, Ritz camera includes 18 free photography class! The more I read, the more I learn that there is SO MUCH to learn about's more than just snapping the picture!

So tonight I had my first class, Intro to Photography. Not since high school Spanish class have there been so many terms that I didn't get, numbers flying out that didn't make sense. But I did learn some great things, and I must remember that I can't become an expert overnight. Here are some of the things I learned:

-I can manually adjust the exposure on my camera. I think this means how much light I want to come into the camera. Normally, the camera does it automatically but sometimes other lighting throws it off.

See how in the first picture my hand looks dark? The camera adjusted to the florescent light in the back and decided there was enough light. I changed the exposure to +1.0 and took the next picture. I let the camera know that wasn't enough light and see how much better my hand looks in the second picture. This is something to use when there is a lot of backlight.

-Another thing I learned is that I can adjust the level of the flash. See how in the first picture I look all washed out? It is because the camera is focusing on the people behind me and adjusted the flash to make them look good (well, I'm not sure about that lady's hair). Meanwhile, I look like the ghost of an albino.

We went in and adjusted the flash and I look a little better in the next picture.

-And the most exciting thing I learned is that my laptop has a slot for my memory card!! Apparently most new computers do. Who knew??

I have another class next week!! I'm excited to learn some more.

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