Thursday, September 4, 2008

100 Things About Me, Part 2

A few months ago, I started my 100 things about me list. It sounded easy at the time but I really struggled to think of that many things. So, here is the second half of my list. Sorry it only goes up to 83 but I guess I can add one...I'm not a perfectionist! :)

51. I love to plan.
52. I would bake something every night if I wasn't worried about my waistline.
53. Sometimes I giggle at very inappropriate times.
54. I eat desserts REALLY slow and don't like sharing them because I'm worried about getting my fair share.
55. I have my own bowling ball but I'm not a very good bowler. In fact, one of my goals when Dennis deployed the second time was to score over 100!
56. I talk in my sleep.
57. If you say you are going to be ready to leave at seven, I expect you to be ready to leave at seven.
58. I do not believe anything good ever comes from stepping on a scale.
59. I love almost any kind of cheese. And, anything with multiple cheeses is even better!
60. I only buy cheap sunglasses because I usually end up breaking them or losing them.
61. My favorite color is aqua.
62. My favorite wine is merlot.
63. I can use chopsticks.
64. I notice number patterns. I liked our house number in 29 Palms, 3417 because 3+4x1=7.
65. I think talking on the cell phone while driving should be illegal.
66. I never balance our checkbook but look at our checking account balance everyday.
67. I fall asleep within minutes of hitting the pillow.
68. I have no problems sleeping in a bed but can almost never fall asleep in a car or on a plane.
69. I was saluditorian of my HS class. Obviously, they didn't know what they were doing because I can't spell saluditorian.
70. I didn't start walking until I was almost 16 months. But then after I started I rarely fell.
71. Carving pumpkins grosses me out.
72. I believe in God.
73. I watch Oprah.
74. I make a wish every time I drive under a yellow light.
75. I don't plan to ever get a tattoo or pierce any weird body parts but you never know.
76. I really want to be fluent in American Sign Language. I'm learning with Elyse so I now know "more" "food" and "milk." Hey, it's a start!
77. I drink too much Diet Dr. Pepper.
78. My plan is to start lifting more weights.
79. I pay off the balance on my credit card every month.
80. I love watching Project Runway, Top Chef and Shear Genius.
81. I would like to travel to every continent except for Antarctica.
82. I am a terrible speller. I had to spell check "Antarctica."
83. I am a pear (versus an apple).
84. I can only think about 83 things about myself.

My brain is fried! Maybe I'll finish the list soon!

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