Monday, September 8, 2008

Organization Board

The past few weeks, I've been taking time on Sunday to plan out our week. It's something I learned when I did Seven Habits of Highly Effective People training. It has been a great help. I love seeing everything written out. It has helped me a lot with my work! I teach for an online university and all the assignments are due on Sundays. As a result, I started feeling very overwhelmed on Mondays, like I had a TON of work to do. Then I started planning it out over the week and felt much less overwhelmed. As long as I finished a certain amount each day, I knew I would get everything done.

And, since I love to see everything planned out and since I love markers of all colors, I decided to move my planning sheet to a huge dry erase board we had out in the garage. Here it is:
I'm not sure if you can see or not, but I have places for each day of the week, to-do lists for each day in different colors for work and home. I've also included the list of dinners because I am really working on meal planning, a place for notes, a place to write what we are thankful for, people to pray for and a shopping list. I'm sure this will be a changing system as I will learn what works and what doesn't.

I had to get the dry erase marker package with 20 different colors. They fit perfectly in an old check box.
Now I just have to figure out a way to attach it to the door (it's just sitting on the doorknob right now). I think I'll try those sticky removable hook things. What do you think?


Angela said...

I don't know how to hang your board but you should totally velcro the markers all around it. I love Velcro almost as much as you love markers. Speaking of meal planning, let me know what good croc-pot recipes you find. I always want to use it but don't have any recipes that I love for it.

KatolinFamily said...

I like the velcro idea. So far, I've been getting most of my crock pot recipes from She made it her New Year's resolution to use the crock pot every day! I have found some good ones there.