Saturday, September 20, 2008


I like the idea of getting used clothes and toys for Elyse. It's greener and a lot less expensive. I used to think that I could only find this used stuff at garage sales but I've recently discovered that different organizations put on huge children's clothing sales throughout the year. Elyse and I got up early this morning and went to a sale for used clothes and toys put on by the local "Moms of Multiples" club. The sale started at 9 but we got there by 7:30 and it was a good thing we did. There were so many people there by the time the sale started but we were able to get in with the first group. We did have to wait in the beginning but I would much rather wait then have to wait at the end of the line and watch people file out with all the stuff I want!!

We got all this stuff in the picture with Elyse for only $60.

We found out about this one through my moms club but it was listed on Craig's list too. What a deal!

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