Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Talk About Tuesday

I discovered a new blog, The Lazy Organizer. Reading the title, I like her already. She has something called Talk About Tuesday, kind of like show and tell. I always liked show and tell so I decided to join in!

Our bedroom has very tall ceilings and so for awhile, we've been looking for something to fill in the wall space and go over our bed.

I thought a mirror would look nice over the bed (on the wall behind the bed of course, don't get any crazy ideas). We found a beautiful mirror and ordered it online. I was super excited because I had been looking for along time. When the UPS man came, we became a little worried. He looked a little strained as he brought it up to the door. I picked it up and it weighed a lot. Maybe like 50 lbs. After all my hard work I was determined to hang it but Dennis (being the smart man he is) decided that our safety is much more important than my interior decorating. You see, I don't have the best track record for hanging things on the wall. A small bump to the wall in the middle of the night would have decapitated us both and left Elyse orphaned.

Still wanting to hang something on the wall, I remembered this company called "Uppercase Living." They create great stick on, peel off decor for the walls. We put one over Elyse's bed. It was super easy to put up and comes right off when we are ready to move (although we won't be able to use it again).

Here is the design I picked. I wish it was a little bigger but it was the biggest size they had.

We also custom ordered this one with the last line of our vows. How romantic.

The company does "Tupperware" like parties but I was just able to contact the closest rep and order it without the part.

Another company that sells this is Wallwords. There was another one too but I can't think of it. Mom, do you remember????


Mrs. Organic said...

What a fun idea, it looks great.

The Lazy Organizer said...

I love the design you picked. What a great idea!

angela michelle said...

I love sll the stick-on things they're coming out with. Ikea has some fun ones now. They come in pieces--little branches or leaves or buds--and you put them together into whatever design you like and works for your space.

mom_of2boys said...

They look great! I've been trying to find someone that's actually used one of their items. Our family room walls are pretty plain and I was thinking about ordering something.

Thanks for sharing!

angela said...

love the one over your bed. great idea with the vow...i might have to copy you on that one. ps congrats on your marathon! amazing!

Cindy said...

Another website is Wonderful Grafitti. The address is: www.secure.wonderfulgraffiti.com MOM

KazzaMe said...

I'm having a WordToTheWall party in a few weeks time - same idea as this I think. Good job I'm hosting and getting "thanked" for it - otherwise our bank account would be bust!