Monday, September 29, 2008


Today we have a guest post from my lovely hubbie. Above is a picture of him voting for the first time (in 2000 something got messed up with his registration, in 2004 he was in Iraq and their ballots didn't make it in time). He is voting absentee so he sent in his ballot today.

If you don't know how to register, check out this site with state by state voting information.


1. America is a special place. Though many individuals throughout history have proclaimed the values of freedom and liberty, it was not until our Declaration of Independence and establishment of the Constitution that a nation was founded on those core values.

2. Though some would argue otherwise, I believe the definition of America is not a land mass between Canada and Mexico, but the coming together of people from all faiths, cultures, races, and ethnicities under a common belief that human life is precious and that every life must be lived in freedom.

3. Throughout our nation’s history there have been Americans who have made terrible sacrifices when people’s freedoms were in jeopardy. In such instances, men and women have given their lives to defend our freedom. In doing so, our troops force their families to make the ultimate sacrifice; giving the one you love for your country. Though it is a terrible price, they pay it with the hope that every American will fulfill the promise of our nation, and carry on lives with purpose and passion.

4. It is in this spirit that we must realize that no Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine has ever died in vain, because we (Americans) are the legacy of their sacrifice. We can validate and honor their gifts to us in how we live our lives and contribute to our nation.

5. No matter what our beliefs are, no matter how strongly we feel about the issues, Americans cannot contribute if they do not speak. This November, every American can continue to take ownership of this country, ensuring that it belongs to us, the Americans, and have our voices heard.

6. In doing so, we make ourselves worthy of the sacrifices made by our troops and the families that have supported them. It is a shameful display when someone, who has a bumper sticker that reads “SUPPORT THE TROOPS,” fails to vote. An American’s failure to vote is a coward’s way of desecrating the graves of our comrades and a passive way of spitting in the face of their loved ones.

7. I hope these words force you to realize that our troops did not just die for their country, they died for us, because we are our country. We are the keepers of their legacy and it is important, regardless of how we vote, that we do vote. The price that was spent for our precious right to express ourselves in such a way has been too costly for us to ignore. VOTE! It is a moral obligation.

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