Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's for breakfast???

Doesn't this look delicious?! You'll like it even better once I tell you what it is. We call it Super Porridge and here is a list of the ingredients:
Brown rice, white beans, butternut squash, spinach, vitamin drops and a little bit of applesauce (for flavor, of course).

Believe it or not, Elyse eats this stuff up! I found the ingredients for this in a great book called Super Baby Food that my friend Laurie recommended. Pretty soon, Elyse won't be nursing anymore and I was worried that she won't get all the nutrition she needs. I found this book and feel much more relaxed about it. A lot of the books I found contained recipes, but not a real plan. This book has everything you need to know to feed a baby! It lists foods that should be introduced each month and clearly outlines how much and what foods baby should eat for a healthy diet. There are recipes too (even one for yogurt...looks to complicated to me, I'll stick to Dannon).

Check it out!

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