Monday, October 20, 2008

Bag O' Textures

Our Parents as Teachers parent educator came over the other day with a "Texture Bag" as I like to call it. It is a bag full of little "pillows", each fabric a different texture. Apparently it is a good age for Elyse to explore these textures and since she loved them, I decided I could make one too. Here's how I did it.

1. First I went to the fabric store and bought fabric with lots of different textures. I just got 1/8 of a yard of each and that was a lot more than I needed. I also bought a bag of stuffing. All together it was only about $8!!

2. Then I cut the fabric into little squares. To make it easy, I made them 1/8 yard by 1/8 yard so I didn't have to make as many cuts. I learned for the last few that I could actually cut double squares and fold them in half. (Notice the Smirnoff in the back...this may be why the squares aren't perfect!)

3. Then I put the squares right sides together and sewed around the edges leaving about 2 inches unsewn.

4. I then turned them inside out, stuffed them and hand stitched the openings together. It would actually probably be even easier to sew the openings together on the machine.

5. To make the bag I used some leftover fabric that I had. I first made a button hole towards the top. Then I folded the top down over the button hole and sewed, making a casing for the ribbon. Then I folded the right sides together and sewed three edges, leaving the top open.

6. Last but not least, I attached a big safety pin to a piece of ribbon I had and fed it through the button hole into the casing I made at the top of the ribbon.

Trust me...this is far from perfect but I can guarantee Elyse doesn't care if the squares are perfect or if my stitches look neat. She just says "oohhh.." when she takes out each square.


Dana said...

Very impressive! I'm amazed at your creativity and talent.

Rachel said...

I think this is a really great idea!