Friday, October 10, 2008

Thankful Friday

1. I filled up the Prius for only $3.17 a gallon. What a deal!

2. The new plates came in the mail today for the Explorer. I no longer have to drive illegally with expired tags. And, I have to give props to the Missouri DMV...they were very helpful and the plates came fast.

3. Fun times at a local park with our Meetup Group. You would think based on this picture that we actually went to the beach (we've lived in VA Beach for almost two years and we haven't spent time on the sand) but, alas, it is just the sand pit at the park.

4. A REALLY great first birthday for Elyse. A great visit with my parents. Getting to see Denise and Gary. Fun times all around.

5. Dennis gets a long weekend for Columbus day! WOO-HOO!!

Have a great weekend!!

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