Monday, October 13, 2008

A Week in the Life-Monday

I noticed on a few blogs last week a "Week in the Life" project. I think it originated on this blog. I'm a little behind but I still thought it sounded like a fun theme for the week so I'm going to start today. I hope you enjoy a little insight into my everyday life!

7:20 Elyse woke up. Dennis went and grabbed her and brought her into bed with us. I nursed her. We all played peek-a-boo under the cover for awhile. Dennis had the day off (Christopher Columbus) so he took Elyse downstairs and let me get a little extra sleep (what a lucky girl I am!)

9:30 Woke up! Went downstairs. Played with Elyse. Hung out with Dennis.This is one of her new favorite toys. She shakes her booty! Drank some coffee, ate some oatmeal.

10:20 Read Elyse book and put her down for morning nap. Checked e-mail, picked up, put the dishes away, showered. Planned out meals for the next few weeks and made the grocery list.

12:15 Ate leftover stew.

12:45 Super long nap. Elyse woke up. I fed her lunch.

2:00 Family trip to the commisary (grocery store). Bought lots of food. Saved $6 with coupons (using them is my new resolution!) The cashier recognized the high pitched squeals of Elyse as she had been making them throughout the store. What can you do?

3:30 Nursed crabby baby and put her down for a nap. I went down and tried to recreate a cookie we loved from Tropical Smoothie Cafe yesterday. I added coconut and macademia nuts to a regular chocolate chip cookie recipe. Yummy!

5:00 Got Elyse up (she didn't sleep) and call mom on Skype. Dennis made dinner (he should be off everyday!!)
6:30 Cleaned up dinner dishes. Elyse planed with magnets on the fridge including one with a picture of herself.

7:00 Went to Target to avoid hearing cries. We are working on weaning from nursing and the goal is to drop the night feeding this week so Dennis put her to bed. Amazingly (and probably the first time ever) I left Target without spending a dime. When I cam home, Dennis let me know that Elyse went down without a peep. She called "mama" a few times but Dennis just told her "mama done." Realizing I would no longer be nursing her at night, I cried a bit. I am glad we are moving on but it makes me sad.

8:30 Put the dishes away, made Elyse's cereal for the week, poured a glass of wine.

9:00 Watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 and blogged.


Brandi Koziatek said...

I love Dennis's T-shirt- go BNB! That brings back such great memories of college. Love you guys!

KatolinFamily said...

Oh, Dennis actually wears that shirt all the time!!! Did you know that it made me a little upset when he first got it. It's OK now though, I know whose property he really is...

Durham Family Blog said...

okay-so where is the rest of the week?? I am at work with some free time while I wrap up the day. I love your blog and have a rough start on ours-but you are much more creative!

KatolinFamily said...

Hey Cathy! I'm glad you started a blog too. I can't wait to read it.

I just got lazy with the week in the life. Maybe I'll do it again sometime soon.

Rachel said...

You know, I did a day in the life as a journal entry for Lane's baby book, and now looking back it is one of my favorite parts. It really helps me remember what it was like, and some of those things don't get caught in photos. Just hearing you mention no more nursing at night makes me remember how bittersweet that transition was.