Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I can cook, I don't mind laundry and I am the one in charge of managing our family finances. But, my one "domestic" weakness is cleaning. I'm not sure why. Don't get me wrong...our house is not a pig pen, I just have trouble making cleaning part of my routine (especially when a certain one year old cancels out my efforts in only a few seconds). In my mom's club, one of the ladies shared with me her strategy for keeping the house clean and I've been giving it a shot. It has worked so far!

Each day there are a few tasks and after they are finished, I'm done! Here's my list:

Wash Diapers (as needed)
Empty the Dishwasher

Clean off Counters
Clean cabinet surfaces
Take old food out of fridge and clean shelves
Mop kitchen and dining room
Clean under burners

Laundry (from start to finish!)
Wash Sheets
Make Baby Food
Rotate Baby Toys

Dust wood
Vacuum entire house
Fabreeze Furniture

Wash bathroom floor
Clean Shower
Clean Sinks
Clean all glass and mirrors in house
Wash Baby toys
Clean Toilets

Friday: (I'm usually tired and lazy by Friday so it's not much!)
Collect Garbage
Water Plants

Clean Carpet
Clean out trash cans
Change air filter

To you neat and tidy people out there, is there anything I'm missing?????

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Kris said...

This sounds like a good plan! With a small child, a dog, and a large child (i.e. husband), I find it hard to clean well, too!