Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Elyse can officially walk!!

She took her first steps on Sunday while Dennis was watching her. She stood in one place with a remote ('mote') in each hand, danced to Dennis's song a bit and then took four steps!!

Of course when I came down I tried to have her show me but she wasn't in the mood.

But Sunday night and yesterday Elyse started going and she is getting better and better!! We practice by having her stand at the ottoman and bring me a Goldfish (I could get used to this!!)

Here's a blurry picture for now. I'll hopefully post a video soon.

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ndeeken said...

Good going Elyse! And, I'm glad to see that someone else's living room is a collection of toys around with a remote or two scattered in between. Makes me feel like I'm not the only one that's lost my house to the kiddo!