Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Neat Kid

I do not think that many parents of toddlers can call their kid "neat" but we have found a rare gem! Elyse is the most neat and tidy kid I have ever met and I'm loving it!

Here are some examples:
-Everything has to go "back", no matter what it is or who it belongs to. As soon as she is finished with her milk she says "back" and "fridge." Resting it on the table will not do. I left the empty milk carton on the counter today and she was quick to remind me to put it back. Even if one of us leaves our coat on the couch we are quickly scolded and reminded where to put it.

-Every scrap of paper has to go in the trash. We like to have string cheese for a snack and before we are finished she tells me "trash" as in "Put that wrapper in the trash mom!"

-Yesterday there was a free Kleenex sample in my magazine and she spent the next half-hour wiping off everything in the living room. (See above picture).

-When we go to do laundry, Elyse says, "Laundry!!! Yeah!!"

-On Monday after her lunch Elyse was walking around and noticed crumbs under her chair. She quickly went to the broom closet and said "sweep" and made sure I got every last crumb.

Now as great as this all is, most of this "neatness" comes in the form of commands to mom, not actual work from the child. But just think how great life is going to be a few years from now. Expect to see me relaxing on the couch! :)


angela said...

You have to print out this entry and stick it in her baby book! Too cute!

Laurie said...

She is so sweet! You will of course have to remind her in 10 years that she once loved to clean.