Friday, February 13, 2009

A Day in the Life-Friday!

So, I fully realize that I missed a day. I forgot to bring my memory card with the camera and thus we don't have any pictures. Sorry. So, here's Friday!

7AM Get out of bed. It is usually too difficult to get up early on Fridays. I'm usually spent.

7:15 Get Elyse. Come down for breakfast, coffee, etc.

8AM Clean up the house. The Realtor came today to take pictures so we have it in tip-top shape. Elyse "helped" me sweep and clean up. She also colored the diaper box. (We're back to disposable while the house is on the market...we don't want to scare anyone away!)

9:15 Get dressed, fix hair, etc.

9:45 Leave with Elyse to meet the mom's club for our "Valentine Craft Time"

10 Had a great time with a house full of babies and moms.

12 Left. Each toddler seemed to be melting down at the same time.

12:15 Tried to keep Elyse awake in the car so she would get a nap at home by singing, grabbing her foot and asking her the color of anything in sight.

12:45 At lunch. Put Elyse down for a nap. Went down for a nap myself.

3 Woke up. Ate a piece of fat free chocolate cake. (I thought I was supposed to bring a snack to the party but it turned out I didn't need to so we got to enjoy the cake. Yummy!)

3:45 Decided to dress Elyse up for tomorrow's holiday and took pictures. You will get to see those tomorrow!

4:45 Left for dinner at the Outback. Ate some yummy chicken. Elyse CRACKED UP when Dennis and I did our "coaster flip."

6:30 Waked around K-Mart just for something to do. Found Elmo slippers for EKK.

7:15 Put Elyse down to bed. Now I'm down on the computer getting ready to do a bunch of work (How about that for a fun Friday night!)

Sorry so few pictures but the ones tomorrow will be worth it! :)

Have a great weekend!

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