Monday, February 9, 2009

A Day in the Life-Monday!

6AM: Crawled out of bed. Came downstairs and had some quiet time and got some work done. Drank coffee made by wonderful husband.

7:20: Went to get Elyse out of her bed. (She just sits in her crib and plays and talks now!) Wondered what could possibly be in her diaper (terrible smell) but it was only pee. I worried...what was going on? (Sorry if that was too much info!)

7:30 Came down stairs, sent dada off to work. Got Elyse milk and Kix, made her cereal.

8:30 Ate my oatmeal, watched the Today Show (how about that mom of octuplets?!)

9:00 Was indecisive about decision to go to gym. Elyse had a very snotty nose. Decided to do some weights and take a long walk in the wagon. Chatted with Lindsey during walk.

10:00 Home from walk. Slightly panicky because real estate agent we are interviewing quoted low price. Put Elyse down for a nap and cleaned the house!

11:30 Elyse up. We both had sandwiches for lunch and Skyped my mom.

12:15 We brought all the recycling into the Explorer and took it to the dump (can you believe there is no pickup here!) Went to Target to return something and only spent $10 on the way out on books for Elyse.

2:00 Home and Dennis is home too. Yipee! Hang out with dada. Vacuum a bit and Dennis put Elyse down for a nap. Dennis and I golfed and boxed on wii. (Would you believe I actually beat a Marine Corps black belt in a few rounds!)

3:00 Did some more work.

4:30 Started dinner and chatted with Steph on the phone. Ate pork wraps. Played around with Elyse. Watched Elmo's world!

7:00 Put Elyse down for bed. Read "The Paperbag Princess" and discussed the day (she loves doing this!)

8:00 Put clean sheats on the bed. Worked.

9:00 Some Mario Kart on the wii with Dennis (he beat me in every round this time).

10 Blogging and now bed. I'm pooped.

Things missing from today: a shower (really, I usually do shower everyday!) and some pictures. I'll try and be better tomorrow.

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