Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Day in the Life-Tuesday

6AM Rolled out of bed. Came downstairs to Dennis making bacon and eggs. Had a bite of bacon. Got to work.

7:30 Elyse is up! (Did you know that when I go to get her, her response isn't MAMA...instead she always points at me and says something like "Pants!")

8 Ate some breakfast

9 Went for a walk in the wagon. (Elyse still had a cold so no gym) Chat with Diane. I wished I brought my camera because I would have taken several pictures of Puglie (Elyse's ugly doll) on the pavement. He kept falling out and I didn't know until Elyse would yell "PULLI" This walk included a stop at the neighborhood playground, the fist time since last year. Elyse was a little leery of the swing but I think she liked it. We went down the slide together and I got a wet butt.

10:30 Elyse down for a nap

11:45 Left to meet a friend for lunch. We stopped and the camera store to ask about a new lens but the girl didn't know much and they really did not have the selection I wanted.

12:30 Waited outside of Panera for a friend. Called Dennis and wondered where she was.

12:40 Received call from friend. Where are you? We were both at Panera but did not see each other. It turned out there are two in Paneras in VA Beach of the 58 AND next to Michaels!!!! Back in the car!

12:50 Arrived at the other Panera. Had a great lunch. Here's Stephie making a silly face.

2:30 Back home from lunch. I put Elyse in the crib and I enjoyed a cup of coffee, a cookie and some Millionare Matchmaker. I did some more work.

4:00 Left for Weight Watchers.

5:30 Came back and ate burritos that Dennis made. Yum!

6:30 Watched a little Elmo with Elyse.

7:00 Put Elyse down for bed.

7:30 Folded some laundry and did some work.

9:00 Watched the Biggest Loser, my favorite show ever!!

10:30 Dragged myself away from the interview of the mother of octuplets and went to bed!

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Nina said...

Seriously -- how do you get Elyse to sleep from 7-7 and take 2 naps? I must be doing something wrong!!!