Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thankful Friday

1. For some reason, Elyse was really tired when we got back from the gym this morning and fell asleep on me before we even got up to bed. Since she is constantly moving around and does not cuddle much anymore, it was great to just snuggle with her in the rocking chair.

2. I beat Dennis at Wii baseball. The game actually ended because of the "Mercy Rule." I was beating him that bad.

3. Having a clean house all the time! This is one great thing about having our house on the market. It always looks nice (and it's actually not as hard as I expected it to be!)

4. A girl's night out tonight...

5. This new show on Comedy Central called "Important Things with Demetri Martin." Set your TiVo. It's hilarious.

Have a great weekend!!!

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Polly said...

Some excellent things to be thankful for.