Thursday, March 5, 2009

Goals For Virginia Beach

So here is my list of goals before leaving Virginia Beach. I know it is a little bit long and I may need to do some editing.

1. Do a photo session with Elyse on the beach (and actually go to the beach...can you believe we haven't been yet?!)

2. Finish ABC alphabet. I've been trying to get the whole alphabet from things around the house. Here's what I have so far.

3. Some kind of Bible/Spiritual reading. I haven't decided what yet.

4. 3 pullups. I did it before, I'll try and do it again.

5. Plan the new baby's room.

6. Work on a kid's book with Dennis.

7. Visit Monticello.

8. Read 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families

9. Organize digital pictures (something I've been putting off for awhile!)

10. Plan three events for my mom's club.

11. Visit the zoo.

12. Sell something on ebay.

13. Make some kind of art project for the new house (something like this). If you have any ideas, please share!

14. Make 2008 photo album and collage.

15. Make play-dough and finger paint.

16. Finish vows to our kids.

17. Learn to make chicken scalapini.

18. Buy something from Anthropologie. I have always liked this store but never bought anything.

So there's my list! Angela, I liked your idea of getting rid of stuff but luckily I did that last fall and don't have much to get rid of! :)


Nesli said...

Just wondering if Miss Elyse had a chance to play in Monday's snow and if you took any pics?

KatolinFamily said...

We didn't get enough to play in. Just a few flakes.

Angela said...

That is a LONG list! Good luck and have fun!