Thursday, June 11, 2009

Confirmed...It's a GIRL!!


We were lucky enough to go for another ultrasound today and baby cooperated. It is pretty clear that she is a GIRL!!! We couldn't be more excited. Here are some pictures.

For anyone who lives in the area and is pregnant, I totally recommend going to TCC (the community college) and getting an ultrasound done there. They bring in "real" people to train their students. Today we had a student doing our ultrasound with her teacher right there. It took a little longer than normal because she was learning but it was cool to hear the teacher explain everything. AND, we were able to get a 3D ultrasound! It is free, although they encourage donations. To make an appointment call (757) 822-7271.

On another note, these totally adorable shirts that I ordered from this site arrived today! :) I'm definitely going to order new ones because I think they are too cute. If anyone needs a 3T big sister and a 0-3 month little brother set, please let me know!!

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Angela said...

Congrats, again! How sweet. I love the shirts and can let you know in two weeks (if baby cooperates) whether or not they would be appropriate for us!!