Monday, June 29, 2009

My Movie Maker

I am so proud of Dennis. You know how so many of us say, "One day, I'm going to..." and it never really happens?!

Well, for many years now, Dennis has had an idea for a movie. I think he first came up with the idea while in Iraq. During his second deployment, he started writing an actual script for his movie. I remember very vividly sitting in a restaurant reading pieces he sent me, being amazed that he actually wrote this stuff.

Dennis finished his script, which was amazing enough. But that was not the end for his movie. He decided to make the whole thing. He advertised on the internet, found some great actors who were willing to work for free, gathered costumes, scouted locations, researched equipment...did everything. And now, I am proud to say that his movie is a reality. What started as an idea is now a full length film. Crazy.

And he did it all himself from casting to costuming to editing to writing to directing and even acting. If you ever have sat through the credits of a movie, you know how many people it takes to make it a reality. He even wrote the music himself.

The movie is now ready for public viewing. To watch it:
1. either go to then type Dennis Katolin in the search engine at the top of the web page or...

2. click:

The movie is called "Day". Here's the synopsis:
Written, directed, edited and scored by an active duty U.S. Marine, this story tells the tale of a future America that is torn by civil war. With the country divided East vs West, a small group of Marines, led by Lt Clay (Dennis Katolin) and Staff Sergeant Warren (Adam LeAndre) from the east must track down and eliminate a mysterious doomsday device that is about to be employed by their enemy. As Clay struggles with taking his men into danger again, his mission forces his Marines to take over the home of Earl (Coley Speaks) and Kathy (Jennifer Marshall) who's relationship has become frayed by Earl's reluctance to confront his past. The group eventually realizes that there is a mysterious entity in the woods that could threaten the success of the Marines' mission and the couple's safety. Forced to confront each other, the two groups begin an exchange that challenges their beliefs as they are forced to deal with personal philosophies, past struggles, and present dangers.

Oh, and did I mention that it was selected for the editor's Top 40 picks?!

It is now off to film festivals, and if anyone knows what is good for them, they will select this movie!!

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