Thursday, July 30, 2009

Big Girl Bed

We've been debating putting Elyse in a big girl bed for awhile. We wanted to have her out of the crib before baby number two arrives but didn't want to give up the time she spends in the crib and plays after she wakes up. But, luckily the move motivated us to get it done sooner. The movers had to take the crib apart to get it through the door so when they put it back together, it just made sense to have them put it in the baby's room.

So we left Elyse in the pack and play for a few days, bought a gate for the door and went for it! Actually, when I was out shopping one day, Dennis put the crib mattress on the floor and she took a great nap on her new "Big Girl Bed." We bought a twin mattress a few days later and now she's sleeping on it on the floor and doing GREAT!

I've caught her a few times laying on the floor or with just her head on the mattress. But, for the most part, she's been doing great. She still plays in her room by herself in the morning and when she is ready for us to come get her, she just opens the door and says "hello!"

Here are a few pictures:

The crib mattress:

And the true big girl bed! (Don't worry, we put the pillows back up to protect against the wall). And look at this great quilt that my mom made! Isn't it beautiful?! This baby is lucky to have such a talented Nana!!

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Kerns Family said...

I do love the quilt! Yes, you're mom is very talented. You're lucky to have her make such beautiful things, and help decorate when she comes to town!