Sunday, August 30, 2009

Can you guess the baby's name?

We think we have come up with a name for baby number two. Some clues are below. See if you can guess it.

A few rules:
-We still have the luxury to change it if we want.
-You can't guess if I've already told you want it is.
-You can't tell us you don't like it.

Here are the clues:

First Name:
-One famous person with this name has met with communist leader.
-Another famous person with this name likes yellow.
-Another has lots of brothers and sisters.
-It is derived from a place.
-It can be spelled many ways, but we have decided to keep the tradition going and spell it with a "y".
-I never knew anyone with this name growing up but it is becoming rather popular.
-Part of the name is an emotion.

Middle Name:

-This word is found in both the title of a popular Christmas tune and a song from Ren and Stimpy.


giggleangel2003 said...

middle name joy?

Sara said...

Madyson Joy?

Amanda said...


Lindsay said...

I sent you my guess via facebook so that everyone else can keep guessing!