Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Day in the Life-Wednesday

7:30 Slept in a bit, got up to Elyse talking. Ate some breakfast together.

8:30-9:30 Went on a walk in the neighborhood. It was actually bearable outside. We stopped at the park and chatted with some neighbors. Then Elyse and I cam back home and we trimmed back the flowers from the front porch. We got out the bubble mower that our neighbors gave us before they moved to Japan. (Yes, she is wearing the same dress as yesterday but it was only for a few hours in the evening!)

9:30-11:30 Came in, I took a shower, got dressed. We played, I put this together for dinner. (It was a hit, and included veggies and protein, both tough to get in EKK). It is amazing how slow time can sometimes go in the mornings. Usually we go somewhere, maybe an errand or to storytime or something.

12 We had a quick dance party in the living room to the tunes of Rocketman, ate some lunch, and then I put Elyse down for a nap.

12:30 I made some lunch for myself, and then made a batch of chocolate chunk cookies. Yummy!

3:30 Elyse woke up. Dennis and I hung out and played with her. I worked a bit on a project that I'm making for the baby's room. I'll be sure to post about it once it is done. Elyse tried to put her sunglasses on me. Not sure how we spent the rest of the time.

6:00 We ate lasagna for dinner, went to the park and got the mail. Dennis gave Elyse a bath and put her to bed while I hung out, watched TV, checked my e-mail and read a bit.

9:00 Researched childbirth DVDs and found one on Amazon. I went to bed!

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Nina said...

I love reading these "day in the life's". Although, I feel slightly like a stalker knowing every move you made! Glad to see you slept in a little -- there will be plenty of late nights and early mornings for you here shortly! Take care.