Monday, August 3, 2009

Yearly Picture Displays

Especially since the invention of digital cameras (and the birth of Elyse) it seems like I have SO many pictures and don't know what to do with them all. I wanted to display as many of my favorites as possible without having a million picture frames around the house. So, I decided to make collages. So far, I have made one with our favorite pictures of 2007 and one with our favorite pictures of 2008. There were really simple to do on Shutterfly, and only cost about $16. I did the 16x20 display. I found these great frames at Ikea (LOVE only being a few exits away). I hung them one above the other and they have a big impact (especially because all our other walls are still bare!) I think I'm going to try and come up with a way to write the year on the mats without it looking tacky.
Displayed ont he wall (sorry about the glare)

2007 pictures

2008 Pictures

Also, for our favorite pictures of 2008, I made this photo book. Also, pretty easy to do on Shutterfly. I didn't take the time to write in captions or anything, but most of the pictures are pretty self explainitory. It's a nice place to have all our pictures together from the year.

And, to make my life easier for next year, I've created a folder on my desktop called "2009Favorites" where I can just copy and paste our favorite pictures as we take them (thanks for the idea Angela!). That way, when I go to make the collage and photo book, I don't have to sort through the entire year's pictures to find the favorites.


Angela said...

I'm SO jealous you have IKEA. The collages look great! A long time ago Bryan tried to get me to change out a "six week" pic of Eleanor on our dresser (because of lack of space like you said) and I about lost it. "That's my BABY I can't take that picture down!!" :)

Jenn and Cameron said...

I love the annual collage. I am going to start doing this! Thanks for the idea. Shutterfly has great collage poster sales, usually 1/2 price.