Tuesday, September 1, 2009

And her name is...

Congrats to the right guesses!

Madeleine Albright
met with a famous communist leader (Kim Jong-il). Props to Dennis for coming up with that clue.

Madeline from the classic children's book wears yellow. I loved this book when I was little and could recite it by memory.

and Madelyn from John and Kate Plus 8 (one of the twins) has lots of brothers and sisters.

According to my baby name book, it is a place name, meaning "From Magdala" as in Mary Magdalene.

And for the middle name, Joy is in the title of "Joy to the World" and Ren and Stimpy's Happy Happy Joy Joy.

I hope you like our choice! Even more important, I hope this baby likes it. It's so easy to come up with names I like until I actually have to commit to it. I remember when the birth certificate lady came into the hospital room when Elyse was born. I was so nervous to commit! Luckily, we still like her name and hopefully we'll like this one for a long time to come!


Laurie said...

I think that you both have made a beautiful choice! Yeah! I am so happy for you guys-Elyse is going to make a great big sister!

Angela said...