Monday, September 28, 2009

Being Pregnant

So we only have about three weeks to go until this baby will be here. I'll officially be 38 weeks on Thursday and I won't be able to go much past 41 so within that time period, baby number two will be here. Crazy.

I must admit I am getting a little anxious. Before Elyse was born I had dreams about breastfeeding. This time I am having dreams about the birth. I had a c-section last time and I am going to attempt a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). Please say some prayers that it all goes easy. I'm planning on it being easy! I've been inspired by stories from a friend and a totally random neighbor who walked by. Somehow we got on the topic of VBACs and she told me that it is the most wonderful thing ever. I'm not sure I agree with that but it was encouraing to hear her story.

We are certainly ready to meet Madelyn. Can't wait to see what she looks like and to snuggle with a tiny one again. But, I must admit that I am not rushing toward the end as much as I was with Elyse. I'm comfortable. No back pain to speak of, still sleeping pretty well with only one or two potty breaks compared to about five with her. I like our routine and I know that's going to change once baby is here. And, I love being able to sleep through the night! Pretty soon it will be back to viewing infomercials and Fresh Prince reruns at 3 am! I was talking with another pregnant friend today and she was saying how she is looking forward to the first three weeks being over. By then you feel better and know the baby a little bit better. Hopefully with number two we'll be more relaxed and it won't take as long to get into gear.

Here is a short things of what I will miss and what I won't miss about being pregnant.

Things I won't miss:
-Saying no to red wine at dinner
-Saying no to turkey sandwiches and soft cheeses
-Not being able to really work out
-Struggling to get the pot that's in the bottom cabinet in the way back
-Sleeping with four pillows to keep me comfortable at night
-Not being able to paint my toes
-Pseudo hugs because my belly gets in the way
-Really big feet (I'm hoping they go back to normal!)

Things I will miss:
-Dances in my belly
-Attention for being pregnant
-A valid excuse for not exercising hard or eating perfectly
-Elastic waistbands
-Hearing the heartbeat at the doctor's office

Please say some prayers that our labor and delivery go smoothly. I really want to go into labor on my own. Anytime after October 10 would be great! (That's when my mom gets here).


Laurie said...

I am sure you are going to do just great. I have also heard some great stories about VBAC and if you need another c-section it really isn't the end of the world-think lots less pushing:) I can't wait to see pictures of her and I know that Elyse is going to be a great big sister.

Amanda said...

I think perhaps you know this, but I tried a VBAC with Lucy. It wasn't successful, but I am so glad I tried. This was a tough choice for me, as it seems everyone has her own opinion, but I can't express how differently I felt after Lucy's birth than Gabe's. If you want to hear more, please give me a call at 314-616-7390. Kudos to you for trying!