Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jordan and Amy's Wedding

Our friends Jordan and Amy got married on Saturday. Jordan and Dennis were in 1/7 together when we lived in 29 Palms. They were actually roomates in Iraq. The wedding was beautiful, and we had a great time.

My goal was to get some great pictures of there wedding and that really didn't happen. We sat far away and I didn't have a zoom lens and then I had to play around with the settings on my camera to make it work in the lighting conditions. Even though I didn't get many great pictures, I learned a lot. Here are a few pictures.

Dennis was able to be part of the sword detail. He's the one on the left, closest to the camera. Such a fun addition to the wedding.

I wanted a picture of Dennis and I all dressed up. Unfortunately, I had been playing with all the settings on the camera and the result was this. We're blue and grainy! It's a little better in black and white below.

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Angela said...

I LOVE her wedding dress! And you look beautiful too, even blue and grainy. Hope you are feeling okay.