Thursday, September 24, 2009

Madelyn's Room

We got a great package yesterday with all of the things my mom made for Madelyn's room. I picked out the fabric and then she went from there. I love it all!!! I had to put it all up as soon as Elyse was down for bed. Sorry the pictures are a little blurry...there wasn't much light and I should have used the flash. But I think you get the idea!

Here's the curtain. She had the great idea of hot gluing a button to a thumb tack to hang them up. Easy to hang, no curtain rod and it still looks cute.

These are pinwheels that she made out of scrapbook paper and then arranged in a pot for a little flower arrangement. They actually spin. Not sure where she figured out how to do this but I'm sure if there's a link, she can post it in the comments.

Side table.

The crib. I'm waiting to tie on the bumpers until I get new sheets in. Elyse of course had to try out the bed. The bird and words on the wall over her bed come from Uppercase Living.

The beautiful quilt up on the wall. When I came to show Elyse the room this morning, she was upset that the quilt was on the wall because she said Maddy needs it to go night-night!

I made the letters for the wall with her name. It was easy. I just took foam board, cut it to size and used spray adhesive to glue on scrapbook paper. A friend of mine here has that Cricket machine that cuts out letters and I just glued them on, along with a ribbon on the back.

Madelyn, your room is ready! We can't wait to see if you like it (but please wait until after October 10 when nana gets here!)


Cindy said...

Andrea, It looks really cute! Can't wait to see the room and all of you in person. The pinwheels were really easy especially if you have scrapbooking supplies. And they do work! Here's the link:

Nina said...

The room is adorable. It means so much more to have the added personal touch of hand made items. Good luck with your last few weeks!

Kerns Family said...

Again, I love all of you and your mom's creative work.