Friday, September 4, 2009

Super Easy Curtains

I always think curtains add some great texture and color to a room. And, with the white walls of our house, we really needed it. But, the problem with curtains is that they don't necessarily work in the next house and I know we'll be moving in less than a year. So, when my mom came in town, we made these super inexpensive and easy curtains. Here's how we did it.

As long as you can sew, you can do it. (And really, if you wanted to use that iron-on hemming stuff, that would work too).

Basically, it is a rectangle hemmed on all four sides. The rectangle is a few inches wider than the window (I made on on my own for Elyse's room and for some reason thought it should be more narrow than the window. So that one looks a little silly but we're keeping it up anyway).
The slightly messed up one from Elyse's room

I didn't want to buy curtain rods, so we actually took clear thumb tacks and tacked it to the wall above the window.
Can you tell this is put up with a clear thumb tack?

Then, we cut the strips in a coordinating fabric. I wanted them to be an inch wide so I cut them two inches. My mom took the iron and pressed them (folded back on each side). So, the strips aren't even sewn!

Then, we looped the strips around and secured them in the back, pulling up the fabric from the rectangle. We actually used duct tape to start with. It has held on most of them, but on a few I had to use safety pins to keep it together.

And walla! Some color and texture to the living room. And this fabric was only six something a yard at Ikea so these were super cheap (sorry to make you Ikea jealous again!)

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Kerns Family said...

Looks great! I copied your posting and sent it to Carrie and Mindy. They both have new places and are not too crafty but these look easy and super cute!