Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Birth of Madelyn--A Rundown of the Day(s)


2:20 We meet Nana at the airport. No more worries about the baby arriving before her!

5:30 Dinner at Carrabas. I ate lots of pasta. Carb load which leads to lots of energy over the next 24 hours. Who knew I would need it!

7:00 Home to watch the Cardinal's game on TV. They lose. Boo. (Yeah for Shirley!)

7:22 pm Posted on Facebook by Andrea:Nana is in town! Madelyn officially has permission to arrive!

10:00 pm I got up to have my mom feel my belly. I was having what I thought was a Braxton-hicks contraction and I wanted her to feel how hard my tummy is. As I was standing there, I felt a gush. My water broke! Off to the hospital!!

12 am Sunday: Check into to Labor and Delivery. I was checked at only 3 cm! I was bummed because I had been at 3 cm at the doctor's office on Friday. Madelyn is really high up. I think we might be in labor for awhile. Dennis and I tried to get some rest.

2:30 Another nurse came in to check me. At 4 cm and Madelyn was still REALLY high. But, soon after she left, I started feeling some real contractions.

3:15 am. I asked the nurse if it is to early to get an epidural. She said she would call anesthesia. Heavy contractions continued.

3:30 I got an epidural. Throughout the 15 minutes or so I had some hard contractions. I tried to imagine my uterus pushing the baby down. Once they were done, I felt like something was happening. I also really had to pee and kept asking for a catheter. So one seemed to hear me.

3:45 I was checked and it turned out that the baby was right there and I was ready to push. FAST!!! My doctor wasn't there yet so some hospital doctor came in. I couldn't understand anything he was saying because of his mumbles and accent. My doctor came in finally and I started pushing. The epidural kicked in except for one spot on my left side. It killed!!! I started saying those things you hear women in labor say that I never thought would come out of my moth.

4:00 Dennis told me that he could see hair. It was a big motivation to keep going! Madelyn's pulse dropped a few times during contractions so they used a vacuum to pull her out.

4:07 Madelyn landed on my chest! She is beautiful! I really couldn't believe that we made it through the VBAC!!! I sort of doubted it the whole way. I felt shock more than anything else. They checked her, cleaned us both up and I got to hold her.


6:30 am Dennis goes to McDonalds to get us breakfast. It tastes delicious!

10:30 Elyse and Nana come to meet Madelyn.

Sunday and Monday:
Hang out with our baby girl! And, eat this special steak lunch provided for new parents by the hospital.

Tuesday morning:
Head home from the hospital
Here is Dennis sleeping in the hospital. The only complaint about the hospital...this bed was REALLY HARD! I actually slept on the couch they had for the daddies because it was way more comfortable than my bed. We got funny looks every time someone came into the room!

We're now home and things are going great. Madelyn is really one of those babies that only cries occasionally when she wants to eat or wants her diaper changed. I feel GREAT!! Definitely a little sore down there but nothing compared to how I felt after the c-section. I can sit up by myself, walk upstairs, etc.

Elyse has been really great too. Yesterday she brought Madelyn stickers to put all over her bed. This morning she went to Madelyn's bed and asked her if she could have some back. Very considerate.

We are truly blessed.


Jenn and Cameron said...

I figured you must have been in the process of giving birth because there was a distinct lack of daily posts!! We are so happy for you. Congrats to you and Dennis. Madelyn loos beautiful. Hugs to you, Dennis, Elyse and Madelyn! Love, Jenn and Cameron

Jeff and Brandi said...

Love all the pictures! She is beautiful! Give her and Elyse a kiss for us.